Version 2.7.7

Bug Fixes

  • Incognito login function bug fixed.

Version 2.7.6


Retired "Form Button" feature so that the extension does not need to require "access to all sites".

Version 2.7.5

New Features and Enhancements

Form Button

You can fill account credentials into the salesforce login page which is already opened in your current tab.
This button works only when you have login page with domain opened in your current tab.

This extension now needs read and change access permission to all sites since this feature needs to access the existing tab with domain in its url.

Version 2.7.4

Bug Fixes

  • The subscription auto renewal bug is fixed.

Version 2.7.3

New Features and Enhancements

Copy password + security token to clipboard

You can now copy password + security token to clipboard.

Address bar quick login enhancement

With the address bar quick login feature, you can now search group name and description as well as username.
If you want to assign specific shortcut key to an account, you can make use of the description field.
Matching characters are now highlighted.


* This feature is available for paid license.

Version 2.7.2

New Features and Enhancements

Address bar quick login

You can now quickly login to your salesforce account from Chrome's address bar.

  1. Type in "sf " in address bar to activate quick login.
  2. Type in search keyword for username. Matching account will be suggested (partial match).
  3. Select an account and hit enter to log in.

* This feature is available for paid license.

Version 2.7.0

New Features and Enhancements

Account groups display order

You can now drag and drop the account group to change the group display order.
The up/down arrow has now been retired.

Collapse and expand the account group

You can now collapse/expand the account groups.
The extension remembers groups' toggle status, so you can keep the groups you don't often use collapsed.

Account display order

You can now display your accounts in your preferred order.
This option is available in the option page.


  • Minor improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.